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  • FSU Travel Policies -
    • Students must follow all university policies regarding travel for FSU students listed at
    • All exchange students will be registered in the FSU Student Travel Database for the dates of their program.  
    • As part of the exchange program application, all students will complete an Acknowledgement of Risk and General Release waiver.
  • International Health Insurance -
    • FSU’s travel policy requires all students to have medical, evacuation, and repatriation insurance through the FSU approved plan. Outside plans are not reviewed or accepted. Students also must continue to meet FSU domestic health insurance requirements while abroad. Additional insurance may be required by the host country in addition to FSU's required plan.
  • Student Code of Conduct -
  • Academic Policies -
    • As part of the online application, students will acknowledge and agree to all academic policies for their exchange program.  Students must also follow all academic policies of the host university.