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When should I start planning my exchange program?
We recommend students start planning at least two semesters before their intended exchange semester. The application process can take some time to complete and it is beneficial for students to discuss their plans with their academic advisor and allow time to acquire class approvals before the deadline. Sign up for an information session and read more about how to get started in our "Getting Started" section.

What are the application deadlines?
Most programs have the following deadlines: Fall/Year – February 1; Spring – October 1; Summer – February 1.  However, there are several programs with earlier deadlines. Check the program deadline at the bottom of the specific exchange program location you are interested in to know the deadline for your intended program.

Can I apply early? Will it increase my chance of acceptance?
It's encouraged for you to apply as early as you complete the first round of application requirements, including your Course Approval Form, but please note that selection is not determined by order of application submissions. All applications are reviewed at the same time after the program's deadline. Students are notified of a decision with 1 month after the deadline.

How competitive is selection?
Selection depends on a variety of factors that are specific to each location. General requirements for all exchange programs are that students must have attended FSU full-time for at least 1 semester prior to the exchange, must be students in good standing and have a minimum of 2.8 GPA, although some programs have higher GPA requirements. Because some locations may have limited spots available or have a high number of applicants, selection may be competitive.  Students can only apply to one exchange location at a time, but are advised to have a second choice location in the event that their first choice is not available.

How much does an exchange semester cost?
For tuition, students pay FSU tuition and fees at the normal rate they pay for on-campus classes. Any financial aid will count toward an exchange program, including Bright Futures. There are additional costs and fees (e.g., flights, housing accommodation, health insurance) that vary per location and host institution. Refer to the “Estimated Costs” tab at the top of the specific exchange location page on this site to find out more on overall costs.

What classes can I take?
FSU students can take a wide variety of classes on their exchange depending on their host institution. Refer to the “Academics” tab at the top of the specific exchange location page on this site to find out more and link to the exchange university’s academic course list. Note that the exact classes offered in your intended semester may not be available until closer to your arrival. You can use the prior term’s list to see what is typically offered.

How many classes can I take on my exchange?
Students must be full-time students while on an exchange and take the equivalent of at least 12 FSU credits at their host institutions.

How will I secure housing for my exchange?
While exchange students can choose between on-campus and off-campus housing for most locations, students typically decide to secure on-campus housing with their host institution after acceptance.

Does the Global Exchanges Program process visas for students?
It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate embassy or consulate for information regarding student visas but the Global Exchanges team can provide resources or tips when needed.  Note that some countries require an in-person visit to a consulate to apply for a visa, which may add additional costs.

Can I fulfill my Formative Experience requirement through a Global Exchange?
Yes!  FSU students can enroll in the Global Exchanges Formative Experience course while abroad. This 0-credit hour class is facilitated through Canvas. Request enrollment in the class after acceptance into your exchange program. A Formative Experience is a university-wide graduation requirement as part of FSU's Liberal Studies. Don't know if you need this? See info about it on the Liberal Studies page at:

Can I go on an exchange in my last semester at FSU?
Yes!  Students are enrolled at FSU while on exchange and are not breaking residency from FSU while participating.  If going on an exchange in your last semester, careful planning is needed with your academic department and college.  Keep in mind that transcripts take three to six months to fully process after an exchange and it is likely that you would miss your FSU graduation ceremony due to the different academic calendars between FSU and your host institution. 

Can I contact the host university I want to apply to?
If it is before FSU has made acceptance decisions for the exchange location, communication is best handled between the FSU Global Exchanges team and the partner institutions. If you have specific questions you would like to ask the host institution before you apply, please let us know and we will get in touch with them.  After acceptance to your exchange location, you will be in direct contact with the exchange university’s international office to prepare for your exchange.