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Eligibility & Requirements

Academic Eligibility

Exchange programs are a great fit for a student who is looking for an immersive experience of enrolling in an international university. Exchange programs require a high-level of independence and maturity as well as flexibility and resiliency. Ideal candidates for an exchange program are students who will make good ambassadors of Florida State while abroad and will positively contribute to the ongoing relations between FSU and the host university.

All participants must be currently enrolled at Florida State University and degree-seeking students in good standing. Participants must be in attendance at Florida State University for one semester prior to the exchange.

Students must be nominated by FSU to participate in an exchange program. Selection can be competitive depending on the number of exchange spots available and the number of applicants per program in a given semester. Some programs require students to be admitted into a particular College or Department to be eligible. GPA requirements also apply by program and are typically a 2.8 or higher. Recommendation letters are required for some programs.

For more information on specific requirements, please refer to the individual exchange program listing. You can search the list of exchange partner universities here. Also, attend an info session for more details.

FSU International Health Insurance Requirement

All FSU students must meet the university's international health insurance requirements. Students may either show proof of enrollment in FSU’s Student Health Plan, or enroll in an specific plan offered by CISI (link provided after acceptance). Other international insurance plans are not accepted. Note that additional insurance may be required by the host country as a condition of attending as an international student. When participating in an exchange, students also must continue to meet Florida State University health insurance requirements for on-campus students.