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Post-Acceptance Steps

Once you have been selected to participate in an exchange program, you will receive notice of your acceptance and a second round of post-acceptance steps will become available in your applicant portal. These post-acceptance steps will walk you through the remaining documents you will need to prepare in order to be ready to depart on your exchange program.

Step 1: Pre-Departure Orientation

Student must attend a required Pre-Departure meeting to get prepared for the upcoming exchange program. Topics include academics, financial aid, insurance, travel advice, safety and cultural adjustment and intercultural communication.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents

Passports take approximately six weeks to process. Visit the Passport Services website for fee information and application forms. You will need your passport before applying for a visa. FSU offers a Passport Acceptance Facility on-campus and this is highly recommended to make sure you submit all required documents.

Depending on which country you are planning to visit, you may also need a visa which is attached to your passport and allows you to enter a foreign nation. Look through the State Department's Country-Specific Information to find information about your destination. You can research the entry and exit requirements, get more details about necessary documentation, and find out how to apply. Many student visa applications require the applicant to apply in person at the nearest consulate. Visa processing services are not offered at the Center for Global Engagement and obtaining a visa is the student’s responsibility.

Flight Itinerary
Please book your flight only after you've been officially accepted with a letter directly from your host university and after your visa is approved. Flight arrangements are made individually and are not arranged by the Center for Global Engagement.

Registration with US State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
After you make your travel plans, go to the State Department's Travel Registration site to register your travel online. This will help the US State Department locate you in times of emergency.

Health Insurance
All FSU students must meet the university's international health insurance requirements. Students may either show proof of enrollment in FSU’s Student Health Plan, or enroll in an specific plan offered by CISI (registration link provided after acceptance). Other international insurance plans are not accepted. Note that additional insurance may be required by the host country as a condition of attending as an international student. When participating in an exchange, students also must continue to meet Florida State University health insurance requirements for on-campus students.