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Transcripts & Grades

Transcript Processing
Upon completion of your term abroad, the host university will send your official transcript to the FSU Global Exchagnes Program Director. The Global Exchanges Program Director reviews your transcript and course approvals to determine the FSU equivalent credit, which will then be entered into your student record by the FSU Registrar's Office. Your FSU transcript will show the FSU course equivalencies approved on your Course Approval Form and contain a line listing the host university and country where you studied on exchange.

It is important that any changes to your original Course Approval Form are approved by your academic advisor and that any new FSU course equivalencies are approved by a faculty member with credentials in the field. Any unreported or unapproved changes made during the host university's drop/add period may lead to significant delays in transcript processing upon your return to FSU. These delays may impact your eligibility for financial aid in future semesters.

Official transcripts from your host university cannot be ordered through FSU upon your return. All orders must be made directly through your host university.

Processing Time
Transcripts are sent directly from the host university to the CGE at the end of your exchange program, rather than at the end of each semester. It can take between 3-5 months for CGE to receive your transcripts and this process cannot be expedited.

Grades earned on exchange programs are letter-graded and will impact your cumulative FSU GPA. The grading scale varies from one country to another, and you should familiarize yourself with the educational system and grading scale of the country in which you plan to study. Grades cannot be negotiated or changed after issued by the host university on your official record. Students are expected to adhere to the host university's policies for grading.

NOTE: The provided Grade Conversions are to be used as a guide only, final grades will depend on your individual academic performance abroad.